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"Paying tribute to the visionary band, it is our mission to invoke the sonic alchemy and imagery of Ghost!" 

Ghost L.V. - Ghost Tribute Band

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Ghost L.V. Biography

"Forged" in Las Vegas, Nevada - Ghost L.V. proudly pays tribute to one of the most creative bands in modern rock.


Ghost L.V. painstakingly reproduces the sonic minutia that fans expect, as well the iconic imagery of Ghost.


The band continues to add new songs to their already expansive repertoire.


Spanning the entire discography, Ghost L.V. faithfully covers the following hits, instrumentals, and rare gems:


2023 - Phantomime (Phantom of the Opera, Jesus He Knows Me)

2022 - Impera (Call Me Little Sunshine, Hunter's Moon, Watcher in the Sky, Spillways, Kaiserion, Respite on the Spatial Fields, Griftwood, Darkness at the Heart of my Love)

2021 - The Metallica Blacklist (Enter Sandman)

2019 - Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic - (Mary On A Cross)

2018 - Prequelle (Ashes, Dance Macabre, Faith, Rats)


2016 - Popestar (Square Hammer)


2015 - Meliora (Absolution, Cirice, Devil Church, He Is, Majesty,

Mummy Dust, From the Pinnacle to the Pit, Zenith)


2013 - If You Have Ghost (If You Have Ghosts)


2013 - Infestissumam (Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, Monstrance Clock, Year Zero)


2010 - Opus Eponymous (Con Clavi Con Dio, Deus Culpa, Elizabeth, Ritual, Satan Prayer, Stand By Him)


Ghost L.V.


Jaymz - Lead Vocals, Keyboard Sequencing, and Sound Design

Vladik - Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Kevin Leonard - Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Brian D Litton - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Gary Rinaldi - Drums

*Special thanks to Willam Cuffey for additional Keyboard contributions and Orlando Mestre for past lead/rhythm guitar duties.


NirvanaMania - the tribute, Flight 666 - tribute to the Beast, The Deadbeatz, Monster Zero, The Far Worst, Kil Jaden, “27” show at the Virgin, Fast Love - the George Michael tribute, Vegas Gone Country, 11th Hour, The Mudpuppies, Vertigo and Interstellar Genocide - are but a few of the notable original and cover/tribute acts, that Ghost L.V.'s members still perform with or had previously.

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